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Erases all data from personal computers or internet
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Wir34 I always used to physically destruct my hard drives given the confidential information they contained.I recently switched to BitRaser for File after understanding the harmful effects of physical destruction and the process of data erasure has become so hassle free plus I can now reuse the Hard Drives.

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Lucy It is the best data erasure software available in the market.I have used this software in the recent past to delete data from my laptop before selling it and the software completed the process in no time.

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Moj56 I work with a lot of confidential data on my laptop which has to be deleted every month.Now manual deletion takes time and effort however a big thanks to the Scheduled time erasure feature in this software which erases data for me without me even being bothered about the reminder.

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Lilly I was not aware of anything like permanent data deletion until I planned to resell my phone.
Considering the confidentiality of the data in the phone, I had to use BitRaser which made my task easy by deleting all the data in a go.
I am very happy I made the right choice!

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Lily In order to delete large confidential data from my HDD I chose BitRaser and I am glad with my choice.
The software not only gives guarantee of permanent data deletion but also makes the process quite easy.

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Nick I am extremely happy with the performance of the software on my Dell PC.
Thank you Stellar for the great product!

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Nate I used BitRaser to remove confidential data from my laptop before reselling it and I must say the software worked very smoothly.The clear cut steps mentioned in the Guide were super helpful.

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Vanessa One can rely on this software to permanently erase data.
I used BitRaser to delete data before reselling my laptop.To make sure permanent erasure I used a data recovery software (which I already owned) to cross check and I was happy by my choice of software.

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Kate I used BitRaser for erasing data from my USB after going through several user reviews on multiple sites and I am highly satisfied after using the software.It is very user friendly and the FAQ section on the webpage helped a lot solve minute queries.

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juwesosonu A secure utility for erasing files from the drive. Would love to give it five stars.

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